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Save Presentations Offline From Google Drive

I enjoy google docs, though it’s not easy to visit google services from China.

Last week, i created a presentation on Google Drive through proxy. But how can i play the presentation without proxy?

Yes, Google Docs provides methods to download as PDF, PPTX or other image formates, but here’s the fact:

  1. PDF, for reading only, cannot play.

  2. PPTX, layout is not compatible fully, and fonts not embedded.

  3. Images, view only, not playable.

That’s why I made the Chrome Extension GdPr Offline, which save the presentation as it is, totally playable offline.

The Chrome extension download link: GdPr Offline

Now, enjoy your presentations anywhere, with or without network, with or without a proxy, inside or outside China :-)

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Living Unit

这里说的Living Unit,原指个人,后发觉其实对于一个公司或者机构、组织也是如此。



任何一个活个体(Living Unit)构成为3个部分:1)自有资源;2)自有能力;3)关联场景


  • 物品

  • 空间

  • 介品 (如货币等)

  • 本体

A False Linkable Text Sample

I found a link in a Google+ post failed to be opened someday. It’s awkful, right? It’s on Google+! The Google - who leads the web tech.

Then I confirmed the same false link sample showing up in BlackBerry 10.

I’ve double checked it in my WeChat under Android - it’s there too. But not in the WeChat for BlackBerry 10.

A Callstack Trace for QML Js

QNX RTOS is a awesome OS. That’s where BlackBerry 10 comes from.

The last year (2013), we’d spent lots of time on the WeChat for BlackBerry 10.

QML tech is good for an mobile app UI, using JavaScript. And there’s no console.trace() in QML to trace the callstacks, here’s mine:

A UI Unit

What kind of basic abilities should be with an UI unit?

As a web developer, an UI includes: Data, DOM, CSS, JavaScript.

That’s Data, Data Container, Display Style, Interactions.

First, an UI needs datum: 1) Static data; 2) Dynamic data [Optional]

QML Features Should Be in BlackBerry 10 OS

I’m one of developers of WeChat BB10 version. Mainly charge on QML UI and interactivities with app APIs.

BB10 WeChat may be one of the most complex bb10 apps in BlackBerry World.

Here’s features should be in BB10 QML, which I implemented in the WeChat mobile app for BB10.

  • QML actived event

  • QML closed event

  • QML Data Share Methods: a) Method to tranfer data from QML A to B ( open B from A ); b) Methods to set/get/clear app shared data in QML.