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My Next Mobile Phone and BlackBerry 10.3

Yesterday, I updated my BlackBerry Q10 Dev Device to BlackBerry OS, It was from the autoloader.

It’s flat styled - it looks much better.

But its camera shot method is changed to an android style, it’s bad - it’s a great part of the camera in BlackBerry 10 devices. Taking photo and its NFC are the features I enjoy everyday.

Yes, I’m using a BlackBerry mobile phone, a dev device not for sell. Last mobile phone I bought for myself is a Nokia, now it’s such a tiny one. Here they are

I’m always waitting for my next mobile phone.

iPhone? Yes, it’s a great mobile phone, but I still find no reason for it - at least there’s not enough reasons right now. Even the iPhone 6 - hmm, It’s great and with a high price and not sell in China mainland yet :)

I was planning to buy a Nexus 4, then a Moto X, then a Next 5…

Google services is blocked in mainland China.

You may say a VPN may works - but I don’t like it.

You may say a hosts with a rooted device works - But I don’t like it either.

Before a mobile device hit my heart, I will still prefer my dev version BlackBerry Q10.

I have a Nexus 7(2013) and a Kindle, they are awesome devices.

But choosing a mobile phone, I could wait.


前两天台风“海鸥”的飞过,让周末刚大扫除干净的房子又满是尘灰。我们家在一栋有些老的高楼里,一到刮大风的时候就不知道哪刮出的尘灰,弄得到处都是,每次我都会想:要是有个一大的吸尘器,把整栋楼吸吸尘就好了 :p




这个周日(Aug 23, 2014),西少爷肉夹馍望京分店要开业了。这个肉夹馍品牌今年可算是IT圈里的热门话题。主题团队均来自BAT等大公司的离职员工——他们传递出一种信息:选择的自由,奋斗的激情,学习的能力和感染的力量。




Seeing Is Not Always Believable

“This is an illusion that’s so good it’s hard to believe it’s an illusion. When the black and white lines disappear, it’s easy to see the rectangles are moving at constant speed. But before that they seem to be taking turns, and pausing when they reach each new line.”

The original illusion image is a gif. I cannot believe it’s a true illusion - it may be a gif animation trick. So I decided to check on the gif animation inside - frame by frame: It’s a true illusion! Amazing!

To clean your doubt. I make a interactive image for this illusion:

The Programming Language: Swift

Swift是苹果公司今年推出的新编程语言。花了差不多两个星期看完iBooks里官方的《The Swift Programming Language》之后,感觉Swift简单易用的脚本式语法,灵活性,扩展性,清晰严格的规范确实是集成了很多语言的优点。

Swift + LLVM,如果再有跨平台的开发环境的话,纯从编程语言的角度来看,是具有替代C++,PYTHON,Java的强大实力。



愿Swift能顺利成长壮大,发挥威力! :-p

WordPress, Golang & Swift

“WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.” – wordpress.org

It’s welcomed worldwide with lots of themes and plugins to enpower its features and functions. WordPress has more than ten years history. But I setup and got into its details only at the end of June this year.

Customize one of its theme to our style, separated it into two versions - one is readonly without admin features as the live product for public, the other is the full version accessible only for internal network.

Cache, Share to facebook and sitemap.xml for SEO is also important features you cannot miss.

Make the blog online in 2 weeks, fixing bugs, improve SEO and share time to time in another 3 weeks.

Now, simple plugins, update themes, shortcode features, wordpress editor - tinymce plugin, facebook share metas … that’s what i got from the one month project with WordPress. It’s great to get such a project to get into WordPress, from its apache/nginx settings, .htaccess controls to some coding details all by myself.