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My Next Mobile Phone and BlackBerry 10.3

Yesterday, I updated my BlackBerry Q10 Dev Device to BlackBerry OS, It was from the autoloader.

It’s flat styled - it looks much better.

But its camera shot method is changed to an android style, it’s bad - it’s a great part of the camera in BlackBerry 10 devices. Taking photo and its NFC are the features I enjoy everyday.

Yes, I’m using a BlackBerry mobile phone, a dev device not for sell. Last mobile phone I bought for myself is a Nokia, now it’s such a tiny one. Here they are

I’m always waitting for my next mobile phone.

iPhone? Yes, it’s a great mobile phone, but I still find no reason for it - at least there’s not enough reasons right now. Even the iPhone 6 - hmm, It’s great and with a high price and not sell in China mainland yet :)

I was planning to buy a Nexus 4, then a Moto X, then a Next 5…

Google services is blocked in mainland China.

You may say a VPN may works - but I don’t like it.

You may say a hosts with a rooted device works - But I don’t like it either.

Before a mobile device hit my heart, I will still prefer my dev version BlackBerry Q10.

I have a Nexus 7(2013) and a Kindle, they are awesome devices.

But choosing a mobile phone, I could wait.