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QML Features Should Be in BlackBerry 10 OS

I’m one of developers of WeChat BB10 version. Mainly charge on QML UI and interactivities with app APIs.

BB10 WeChat may be one of the most complex bb10 apps in BlackBerry World.

Here’s features should be in BB10 QML, which I implemented in the WeChat mobile app for BB10.

  • QML actived event

  • QML closed event

  • QML Data Share Methods: a) Method to tranfer data from QML A to B ( open B from A ); b) Methods to set/get/clear app shared data in QML.

  • QML reuse or not ( A - B - C - D: if open QML B from D, close D and C, reuse B )

  • QML asyn publish/subscribe methods

  • Flag to turn off auto-translation in system language ( Dialog, Back and Invocations )

  • Support mutil-image previewer (zoomable) with invocation.

  • Letters scrollbar

  • A method to call js methods in QML from ListItem

If BlackBerry 10 want more better apps, Its QML should provide features above. Or in a js library for QML.