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WeChat, BlackBerry, Apps and Web - My 2013

It’s the begining of 2014.

How about my 2013?

Mindon Labs

I’ve tried a few chrome apps and extensions. The most welcomed one is “Ingress Portals Finder”, published on Chrome webstore but taken down due to TOS problem. It’s tool for the game Ingress. Though it didn’t work any more due to the <ingress.com> website API upgrades, its donation reached $52. It was a inspired project, thanks to the ingress players who supports the chrome extension.

The other simple Chrome extension with 4K+ installation is “Tips for WeChat”. It’s an experiment relative with my work.

Another Chrome extension is GO2, it’s a simple helper to reach google search results when blocked by the GFW, it’s installation is around 2k.

My first try on Chrome Package App is the Who, from the extension with the same name.

Now i’m learning the Mobile-Chrome-App tech with Apache Cordova, to make it works under iOS and Android.

Before this, I was trying to turn the extension “Ingress Portals Finder” into an Android App with the same idea just before the <ingress.com> APIs updated.

I love Chrome Package Apps. they works and looks amazing with the advantages of HTML5 and Javascript, CSS3 techs.

Today, I find that the BlackBerry’s WebWorks SDK has updated to 2.0 beta, which is also using Apache Cordova. I’ve try a simple sample there and it works fine in my BlackBerry Q10 dev alpha device.

Yes, the main cord of 2013 is mobiles apps.

My first android app was published on Google Play as DaSign, It’s a simple app about SVG (Scalable Vector Graphs), a interested topic.

Then another 3 Chinese books android apps experiment on using HTML, CSS and JavaScript in mobile apps.

They inpired me in mobile app developments.

The work

The main mobile app costing me months and months, is the BlackBerry 10 version of WeChat - the mobile app giant with 600M+ users. My main job in 2013 was make WeChat working on the BlackBerry 10 OS.

It’s my first time got to know about QNX, QML and touched latest BlackBerry devices. I enjoyed the challenge.

The year 2013, WeChat oversea reached 160M+ users. The WeChat BlackBerry 10 version released on BlackBerry world. Exciting!

It’s a year of chanllenge, a year of overtime working. But it worths.

Diving into BB10 for a WeChat app made me into a half-expert of BlackBerry 10 and QML.


Android, BlackBerry 10 Cascades Native App and WebWorks App development.

Go language - I love the powerful language. (Google App Engine supports GO and PHP languages in 2013)

Node.JS, now it’s everywhere. It’s my favorite. There’s free env on <openshift.com>, both Node.JS and Go.

Chrome Apps. I’ll try more in 2014.

Apache Cordova will be my BlackBerry WebWorks and iOS, Android apps entrance for more app experiments. Mobile Chrome App will be great.


It was the 7th year together with my darling Aby. She was so great in 2013. Plan our first travel to France and Italy. She studys IMC in HKU Space, studys English by herself, learned how to drive a car, and most of all making happiness around us. She’s amazing lady most important in my life. Make our 2013 such a wonderful year. At this moment, she is working on the 5k photos taken in France and Italy, two weeks from Apr to May, 2013 – pick the best of them and turn them into a photo book.

We sat on the short wall on Concorde in Pair, at 8pm, watching the sunset lights pouring on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. That’s most beautiful and happiest moments.

In 2013, I’ve taken thousands of photos in France and Italy. Hundreds of photos using BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 – the new blackberry devices have a very good camera for daily life.


Bought a Nexus 7 generation 2. A Jawbone is on my wrist as my birthday present from Aby. Wishing for a Moto X - but it’s too expensive and without a good enough camera; Want to buy a Nexus 5 next week from HK.

Makers were so active in Shenzhen - a southern city in China.

A share topic on BB 10 unfinished, lots of ideas waiting for being experimented.

… …

It was a busy, wonderful and growing year - the 2013.

Thanks and best wishes for all friends on the Earth :-)

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