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News: BlackBerry Z10 Officially Available on AT&T

The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is now officially available on AT&T.

The struggling manufacturer — which is hopeful its new flagship device will ignite a company resurgence — announced on Friday the Z10 can finally be activated on AT&T. It costs $199 with a two-year contract.

BlackBerry, formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM), also sent a tweet at midnight ET announcing Best Buy will start selling the device on Friday for $199 with a two-year contract.

BlackBerry Z10: Built to Keep You Moving

Using proxy with the command line tools

Remember to use –proxyhost & -proxyport as the FIRST two parameters when using command line tools from blackberry.tools.SDK.


blackberry-signer -proxyhost -proxyport 8080 ....

Download the Command-line Tools from https://developer.blackberry.com/android/tools/

Unzip and set the path blackberry.tools.SDK/bin to env. variable PATH then you could use the apk2bar, blackberry-signer or other command line tools.

How to signed the .bar through a proxy?

Use batchbar-signer won’t work. you could use blackberry-signer directly.


blackberry-signer -proxyhost -proxyport 8080 -storepass your_store_pwd demo.bar

the command tools could be found https://developer.blackberry.com/android/tools/

config.pri NOT including sources & headers, make failed error

When building project in QNX Momentics IDE, If nothing to compile. It may be lack of sources & headers in your auto-generated config.pri

This is caused by incorrect source folder settings, here’s the steps to solve the problem:

  1. Right click on the project in “Project Explorer”, choose “Properties” at the bottom

  2. On the left top input field with tips “type filter text”, input “paths”

  3. Click on the item “Paths and Symbols” under “C/C++ General”

  4. Activate the 3rd tab named “Source Location”

  5. add the proper source folder by Click “Add Folder” and choose “src”

  6. “Delete the” incorrect source folder

config.pri not auto generated or updated?

Update your SDK to 10.0.10+

Steps to test an app before submit to (Blackberry) App World

  1. Upload app and place in DRAFT mode.

  2. Add user to the sandbox (BBID).

  3. Enter (Blackberry) App World on device, swipe down to see the app menu, choose settings, click Development Mode, enter content id.

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