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SSH Connect to BB10 Device

How to connect to your BB10 device or simulator?

Step 1:

Turn on Development Mode

Step 2:

Creating an RSA2 key

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

and choose a name as you like, here using rsa-bbx

Step 3:

Start Connect Service

blackberry-connect -targetHost -devicePassword 1234 -sshPublicKey rsa-bbx.pub

keep this console there.

Step 4:

Make the SSH connection

start another console, make the ssh connection

ssh devuser@ -i rsa-bbx

If you are connecting to a simulator, find the IP at the bottom of simulator window.

NOTICE: Make sure the file rsa-bbx and rsa-bbx.pub is in current path, or you could use its full path.