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Lost All Camera Photos in My Nexus 7

My 8G Nexus 7, No rooted, Updated to android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 at 18 Feb.

Now all photos in folder DCIM/Camera, were lost - Now way to restore currently, and vanish in the air.

The first lost was found yesterday, there were only 5 photos left.

The day, I debug an simple PhoneGap app in android with Developer Mode and USB debugging turned on.

When I reach my PC at home, connected the device with USB cable, turned on Developer Mode and USB debugging. And try a few restore software, but all failed to show the “Internal Storage”, so I gave up. But then I found the photos lost again - only one photo file left now. What the hell happened?

Today, I tried to find out a solution, but nothing could help.

At last, turn on the photo sync and backup the two large thumbdata in folder DCIM/.thumbnails/, one is 303MB, another one is 1.01GB.

My photos! Vanish in Nexus 7 updated to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and Google could not provide any help on it.

Nexus 7