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Learning GO language a few weeks before. Now the LISP.

Scheme is a dialect of Lisp that stresses conceptual elegance and simplicity.

The definition of Scheme tells what attracts me to learn this language. It is what it describes.

I spared a few hours learning from How to Design Programs with exercises. Another great book from MIT Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

DrRacket: http://racket-lang.org/

I don’t think I have any chances to use it. Go and Node.JS are enough.

On the other way, I learn to setup PhoneGap env. in my computer at home. And my first android app demo runs in my Nexus 7. I will put it here soon instead of Google Play.

And this morning, I got an E-mail from Google Chrome Web Store – Removal Notification for “Ingress Portals Finder”

Your Google Chrome item, “Ingress Portals Finder,” did not comply with our policies on Prohibited Products and was removed from the Google Chrome Web Store.

What a pity. It’s the most welcome extension of my works. It just reached 4k+ installation before its removal.

That’s the TAKEN DOWN.

It won’t stress much on the Ingress server, instead, it will less stress.

  1. high quality developed.

  2. welcome and really useful with nice UI.

  3. avoid variety tool versions with almost same functions, controllable third-party tool entrance.

But it’s true, NO PERMISSION from ingress.com to allow me to call its one API.

But, what if my extension is a customized browser? Display websites better that it is, should I need permissions from all the websites being improved? (I really could make such a customized browser :p)

No matter what, I’m on the way to my next app, useful and helpful with UI satisfy me first.

LISP;Scheme;PhoneGap;Node.JS;GO;Ingress;Chrome Web Store;Prohibited Products