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Era of Hardware Browsers

Years ago, I took all desktop apps as some specific browsers - only visiting specified data resources provided by IP or file path with fixed UIs. and the browsers load different function DLLs or SO(Share Object) by URL, which contains both data and runnable source code.

Now days, The “Browsers” become hardware – the mobiles and tablets. The apps are modules of the super “Hardware Browser”, they are combining the local resources, remote resources provided by IPs or URLs. Traditional browser become a soft-module of the super “Hardware Browser”.

The mobile “Hardware Browser” never be parasitic on an PC any more, it takes less time to start, and cost less energy to perform the same or even more powerful functions.

And the “Hardware Browser” is facing the same compatible problems as the “Software Browser” on PC. They own different screen resolutions, powered by different OS.

That means the mobile app developers are in the same situation as the web front-end developers are. They are working for the mobile “Hardware Browser”.

Hardware Browser