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Upgrade Winxp From Sp2 to Sp3

I’ve tried more than 3 times before:

to upgrade my HP Mini winxp to sp3

Lots of time spended on this stupid issue – winxp sp3 upgrade problem.

The problem i faced last time is “A Problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the license”. 0x80070002

Who knows what the hell was happening, my winxp is lisenced!

Tons of softwares need sp3 – something like “Visual C++ 2010 Express”.

That’s why I need sp3 package installed.

Here are the steps I followed, to upgrade sp3:

  1. download sp3 package from microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=24

  2. backup following files from windows/system32

  3. Restart my winxp & press F8 to start from safe mode

  4. Install sp3

  5. Restart & press F8 to start from safe mode

  6. Backup new files from sp3 version

  7. Replace these files with the old files backuped in step 2

  8. Restart

  9. Done!

I don’t know if my steps make it or the sp3 package is different or something else …

But i do upgrade my HP Mini windows xp from sp2 to sp3 successfully this time :-)

God bless you!

Thanks for this blog (in Chinese) – I didn’t use any files it provides.