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Walking in Chrome

Chrome插件”Walking in Chrome”是个有趣的应用,想法来自于“运动”概念:了解天天坐电脑前面的自己用鼠标在网上移动的距离究竟有多远,点击了多少次,为了滚动网页手指动了多少下。这些数字究竟有多大你是无法想象的 :-p ( 插件无需网络链接,在Chrome Store网站内无法统计 )

Find out how far you have walked on the web in Chrome, and how many clicks you’ve made or how many scrolls on your finger tip. ( No network requests in this extension, BTW: inside Chrome Web Store, it keeps still… )

Walking in Chrome

Visit Google Chrome Store to get the app.