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[] First Sight

A fine day, I got up early in the morning. Everything seemed so nice to me. I liked the blue sky, green leaf. After a simple breakfast, I hurried to the classroom where I should go, never expecting anyone would be there earlier than me. When I almost rushed in the classroom, I was shocked. Someone was there. Someone I’d never seen before. A girl was sitting by the middle-bottom of the room, the best seat in my opinion. Wind stopped at that moment. Ghost? Fairy? Or…? I cannot find any proper word to describe her even now. She’s just the one I appreciated.

If she was just going over her lesson, she should change to another seat in other classroom the soon the better. So I cleaned the blackboard to warn her that there were classes here, but it seemed not working, and she was still absorbed in her reading. Though later I write down “Classes Here”, She was still there nothing worried. Sure, I wished she would never leave. God, I hadn’t even known about her existence before, and now, she was there maybe with Cupid.

Till the time before the class began, she came up to the teacher, talked about something. Though I could hear nothing, I knew that she would take the classes with us. I was so delighted at that. At least I could see her once a week.

I could not calm down my beating heart all the whole day.

I knew I liked her and wished could be her friend eagly.

[] Hair Short

I cannot remember what skirt she wore at my first sight with her, and what style her hair exactly was. But I remember clearly that after one week or two, she had her hair cut short. I was shocked again by her new hairstyle when I caught sight of her. The VERY style I appreciate, perfect with her face and her smile, even fitted her characteristics, I thought.

I talked to myself, “don’t tell me she knows what’s on my mind, and she did it for me”. Certainly, no one knew what style of hair I enjoy, even my best friend, ‘cause I never know how to describe. And her style was certainly not for me. But, she DID be showing me a perfect girl in my dream with the very hairstyle.

Wishing I could be her friend more than ever. But, I didn’t agree that was love. It was not yet.

[] Another Coincidence

She was on my mind all that winter holiday, trying to analyze if I was really fall in love with her. She had already been in deep of my heart without reason. She was the perfect one for me, though maybe I wasn’t.

When the new term began, I knew that there would be no more classes we would have together. Though I wished to see her very much, I had not seen her for one month or more till one day. That’s a fine day too. When I was walking out the 2nd-Teaching-Building after classes, suddenly, she appeared in a place far from me, on a bike, leaving away. There would not be more than one minute keeping her in my eyesight, but just during this one minute, something did happen.

I wished the time would stop when I caught sight with her. Looking the leaving view of her back, I made a wish: “If only she turns and look to my direction.” Just at that moment, she turned. She did turn and look to my direction. I couldn’t breathe. I could not believe my own eyes. My heart beating hard, the wind stood still. She could hear me? She heard the voice in my heart? Even if she was not looking at me when she turned, It was still a miracle for its happening.

[] The Rain

Almost at the end of the term, we had an exercitation in Mountain Huang. On the road to Mountain Huang, we passed by the Lover Valley. The bus stopped there, and we had some time to be spent there. Thinking about her leaving, I was a little sad and pain in my heart. It was just fine when we set off. As we were in the valley, hard rain came. It seemed that the valley knew how I felt at that time.

I had thought I could forget everything about her, but soon I found that was a big mistake. I kept thinking about her during the whole trip, in the drencher. She was always on my mind in the drizzly days in the mountains. I realized that I had really been fall in love with her. I could not cheat myself any longer. I wished she had been with me all along the trip.

We were all in the drizzling fog when we got to the Light Peak. The fog hid up almost all the beautiful scene of Mountain Huang. We were so disappointed on the bed in the Mountaintop Hotel that night. I could not sleep on the bed. Suddenly, I got an idea. Though it was so cruel for me to make such a betting, I made it finally: “If she loves me, show me the blue sky tomorrow.” Though we were studying the method of the weather, we could not forecast how it would be the next day.

The next morning, the drizzling fog was still there, with cool wind. You could image how I felt when I got up. When we were facing the most dangerous mountain of the mountains, we saw a wonder – the fog disappeared in a few minutes, the whole mountain came into our eyes. We would never doubt that we were in a fairyland at the moment. Sunlight split the dense cloud, touching the green skin of the ground of mountains. We jumped at what the nature showed to us. Armed the mountains and kissed the blue sky, It seemed that she was with me at that time. I climbed up the peak of the mountain easily in delight. Gave my best wishes to all my families and friends, especially to her.

I knew it maybe another coincidence. When we were down the mountain, blue sky was covered by dense cloud again. We were again surrounded by dense fog, but in deep of my heart, it was so clear.

I got to know that she lived in room 221-106, that was the room we assn. dormitory lived in before they moved inside. I was shocked when I heard this news. Another coincidence? But she was leaving USTC…

[] Empty Days

She was not in USTC any longer,

No address or email left…

The summer holiday and the next term,

My world was still full of her,

Though I tried to forget.

She is sitting on the only chair in my heart…